hello. it's been a while.


Hi There. It’s me, Jessica. I am happily busy, mothering my four kids, enjoying our summer, & running this photography business. This blog roll is called “My Journal” because it is the space where, the majority of the things I share, will showcase my little ones, and my creativity, while capturing their little faces, and our every day moments. In 2019, I have been attempting another 365 project. And what is that, you say? I pick up my camera every day, to capture something in my life, and share it here. It’s a way to force intentional growth in my craft, but also choose moments of creativity, even if just for a few. And as a bonus, I have a lot of photographs of my little ones to cherish for years to come. So this post is to say, hello, hi, I’m still here! And I will be sharing more of my project 365, catching up on previous weeks, & sharing new projects as well!

Here’s some sweet photographs of my youngest, and in the last photo, the two littlest ones. I hope these happy photographs brighten your day!