a tradition

a tradition. yearly photos, lifestyle photographer

I am so thankful for photography; probably a cliche thing to say, but it really is true!  The adventures, the memories, and the love that I have captured over the years of motherhood are such a blessing to me.  It's a gift.  

Through all our exploring over the last several years, a few locations have become favourite's to us.  They have been places of joy and created memories, so we love to go back year after year.  The rock they're sitting on is one of those spots, so we make a point to take their photo together there every year.  Maybe next year their baby sister will be sitting up there with them.

So quickly

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So quickly time passes, and life can stay exactly the same, except for the continueing growth of a child.  I feel this need to make my time more worthwhile: to learn, experiment, to grow.  To grow in my character and giftings, and in my ability and purposefullness to parent well.  Always making the choice to be present, and to feel joy and peace in this beautiful chaos of life, that can be seen as more overwhelming than beautiful if I allow it.