My little sister; there are many ways to describe her. She is more beautiful than she realizes. She is smart, compassionate, creative, enthusiastic, joyful and so much more. She is a wonderful auntie to her nieces and nephews, an awesome sister and a great friend.

For her senior year she was awarded the “I think I am a hipster award”. Apparently on wikipedia there is list of what makes someone a hipster; I guess she fits the description.

This photo shoot has special significance! 2013 is her graduating year! It is crazy to think she has “grown up". I am excited to see what her future brings and am proud of all she has accomplished!

It might have to do a second blog post from this photo shoot.  There are so many photos I love, but these are several of my favourites!

 photo emily1of8_zps4b0743f8.jpg photo emily2of8_zps62c85d44.jpg photo emily3of8_zps12c1df2f.jpg photo emily4of8_zps255d7525.jpg photo emily5of8_zps11c56011.jpg photo emily6of8_zps7f339c7f.jpg photo emily7of8_zps3e82b5fe.jpg photo emily8of8_zps3da99a7c.jpg